Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

BoA and Rino practicing for comeback stage!

Member of the Beat Freaks and The Geminiz, Rino Nakasone has been garnering quite a lot of attention lately for her work with SM Entertainment artists. Just several days ago, her performance of Super Junior’s No Other attracted many video hits from netizens. But that’s not the end of her. She recently made another appearance with yet another SME artist–BoA!
Earlier today, BoA tweeted, “I’m practicing hard for my first comeback performance^^ But, Rino unni and I are wearing the same outfit while dancing^^.” Along with the tweet, BoA posted a picture of herself with the amazing choreographer Rino Nakasone making cute poses at the camera.
In response to this update, fans have said, “BoA unni, you’re really pretty and cute”, “Hurry up and make your comeback”, and “So Rino is involved too? Now, I’m really awaiting your comeback. Practice fighting!”
I’m personally a huge fan of Rino Nakasone so I’m stoked to see what BoA has to offer on her comeback stage! Are you just as excited as well?

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