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7 ‘Secret’ Ways To Use Twitter Search

Twitter Search is just amazing because it can give you real-time feedback about pretty much everything. That is, if you know how to look for it. Here is how:
Before we start I need to point out that both TweetDeck and Seesmic (my two favorite Twitter apps – with Seesmic being the #1) allows you to open special search panels, allowing you to “follow” a search term, instead of a person.
This is a great way to keep on top of things.

The Secrets…
1: Get up to speed with all the latest buzz
The primary way that I keep up-to-speed on social networking is to follow a social networking search. For instance, let say you want to get all the new links about social media, not including the many re-tweets that people make.
Simply search for:
“social web” OR “social media” OR “social news” -rt filter:links

2: Find all the people who are not talking about you directly
Another thing you might want to do is to find all the people who talks about you (or your product) but isn’t including you directly. E.g. If I want to find all the people who mention my name, but aren’t replying to me.
Simply search for:
Baekdal -to:baekdal -from:baekdal -@baekdal
Note: You can also find everyone who links to you via BackTweets

3: Get all reactions across multiple twitter profiles
Another thing you might want to do is to get all the replies and mentions that refer to you, across multiple twitter profiles. For instance, I have 7 twitter profiles and I would really like to see everything in one place.
Simply search for:
to:baekdal OR to:baekdalarticles OR to:baekdaldesign OR to:baekdalnotes OR to:baekdal24hours (etc…)
BTW: Seesmic will do this automatically in the reply panel (which is one of the main reason why I prefer it over other Twitter apps).

4: Follow what people are saying about your competitors
You also may want to follow not only what your competitors are saying on Twitter, but also how people respond to them. All you need to do is to simply search for:
from:competitor OR from:competitor
E.g. If your competitor is H&M (@handm), you can search for
from:handm OR to:handm

5: Only follow links from certain people
One of the problem of following people on Twitter is that you don’t get to decide what to hear. Sometimes you just want to know about the links that they share, and not hear all the chit-chat.
Let’s say that you only want to see the links that I share, then you simply search from:
from:baekdal filter:links

6: Only get the new info about a topic
One of the most common way to use Twitter search is to search for hashtags or product names. But the results are very often filled with identical tweets.
So if you want to search for anything about ‘American Airlines’ but without the re-tweeted stuff
“american airlines” -rt -via

7: Find all shared pictures about a topic.
It can be really interesting to see only the pictures that people post about a certain topic or event. During this year’s Le Mans, I was continually following every picture that people tweeted. You do this by simply searching for:
“le mans” twitpic OR yfrog OR OR twitgoo OR pikchur filter:links
BTW: Another way to search for images is to use Twicsy


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