Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Actress Han Ji Hye is getting married!

Actress Han Ji Hye will get married on September 21st in Hawaii.
The 27-year-old star and has been dating a prosecutor for almost two years.  Not much is known about her mystery man, except that he is six years her elder.
Han Ji Hye said about her impending nuptials, “After living for yourself, I think marriage is when you live for others and with others. As a woman, I met a man I could live for. There will be rainy and windy days. We will need umbrellas and coats. We will be those things for each other. We won’t let go of each other’s hands, we promise you that. I hope you will support us to have a happy life.”
They met at a church and have been inseparable ever since. I really respect Han Ji Hye for keeping her privacy in terms of who her fiance is.


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