Rabu, 01 September 2010

Nina Garcia's "Look Book"

Nina Garcia has many titles: fashion guru, "Project Runway" judge, fashion director of "Marie Claire" magazine, and author of several books.  So it comes as no surprise that when the quintessential maven of fashion pens a book entitled "Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion" everyone took notice
Nina Garcia promises a concise go to guide for the everyday woman and delivers just that – a must have reference guide for almost every occasion.  Nina covers the basics, such as fashions for a job interview, first date, cocktail party, etc. Something everyone can use, but she even includes a few lesser-known fashion quandaries, like what to wear when you break up with your boyfriend, what to wear to see your therapist, and fashion choices for when volunteering.
What really drew me in, as a reader, was how the book was laid out.  I found the table of contents fun and easy to navigate.  Everything was broken down into occasions for quick reference.  Sprinkled throughout the "Look Book" were fun illustrated guides, featuring original four-color artwork by acclaimed artist Ruben Toledo.  This gives a fun little pop to illustrate a point and give you a visual to work from.
With each occasion you get a paragraph or two that reads more like a conversation with a friend.  Nina speaks directly to you, as if you are sitting across from her at a power lunch while simply chatting away.  Nina really breaks down the ins and outs of fashion as they apply to your particular needs
Nina dedicates her “Look Book” ‘For woman everywhere’…  How true that is!  Every woman needs a copy of this book stashed away in her closet, or whereever they get dressed!


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