Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Who is --> Kate Middleton

Facts About Kate Middleton:

1.She graduated with a Master of Arts from the University of Saint Andrews.

2.Her nickname in tabloids was “Waitey Katey.”

3.Her father was a pilot and her mother was an airline stewardess.

4.ABC News reports that the future royal once reacted to a friend who said she was lucky to be with Prince William by saying, "He's lucky to be with me."

5.She is also related to general George S. Patton
6.Kate is 6 months older than Prince William.
7.William and Kate are distantly related! They are 12th cousins once removed. She is 8th cousin to George Washington.
8.The sheer dress that Kate modeled years ago at a St. Andrews University fashion show will be worth $160K after she is wed, even though it cost a mere $40 to create!
9.Kate prefers to be called Catherine.
10.Kate plays tennis, skis, and set a high jump record in school.
11.Kate is allergic to horses.
12.Kate is the eldest of three children
13.Walking down the aisle at age 29, Kate will be the oldest royal bride in history. (Most royal brides are in their late teens when they walk down the aisle).
14.Kate attended an English language nursery school in Amman, Jordan before moving back to Berkshire with her family.
15.Kate has been assigned 4 body guards from Scotland Yard to protect her around the clock.
16.Kate was a Brownie (Girl Scouts) under Girlguiding UK as a kid.

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