Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Foto Marak Berkotak. Pop art nya Wedha, keren!

Berselancar di dunia maya untuk mencari karya seni menarik, Terrant mag terhenti di sebuah pic yang sangat menarik dan memanjakan mata. Awalnya Terrant mengira ini adalah hasil karya seniman luar negeri. Ternyata pop art yang luar biasa ini adalah hasil karya seorang seniman Indonesia bernama Wedha. Cool! Kalo mau liat hasil karyanya yang lain. Bisa klik disini

Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

About Shuffle Dance

The origins of the name "Melbourne Shuffle" are unknown. The term was first brought to the public attention by Sonic Animation's Rupert Keiller during a TV interview in Sydney. The Age referred to it as looking like "a cross between the chicken dance and a foot stomping robot" to the untrained eye,[1] but locals simply called it "stomping".
Some dancers sprinkle talcum powder or apply liquid to the floor beneath their feet to help them glide more easily, some including 360 degree spins or jumps into their moves.[1] Others apply smooth plastic tape to the soles of their shoes.
Originally consisting of the "T-Step" combined with arm movements, during recent years the "Running Man" has also been adopted into many common styles, accentuating the new focus of keeping time with the beat. The "Running man" involves a stomp forward followed by a single or double hop backwards with the same foot, the other foot repeats the action leading to a running-on-the-spot motion. The "T-Step" is a fast sideways heel-toe motion on one foot twisting at the ankle. The dance is embellished by spins, arm pumps, slides, and kicks.
Hardstyle is performed to music that features a fast 4/4 beat (also known as a 'four-on-the-floor' beat), and is normally accompanied by a heavy, booming (or hollow) bass. For this reason, many people in the US and Europe incorrectly refer to the "shuffle" as just "hardstyle". This is despite the term "hardstyle" being an umbrella term for many different rave dances globally, as well as a genre of electronic music. Hardstyle is a rave dance, while most other styles were typically performed in clubs and dance parties.